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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting
RWHR Certification and Testing
Residential Water Heater Replacement
Taking the Certification Test

What to expect:
  • The test is open book.
  • You have 1 1/2 hour to complete the test.
  • Questions are selected from the 2012 IRC.
  • Questions are true/false and multiple choice.
  • Score 80% or higher to pass and be certified..
  • The fee for testing and certifiaction is $80.

Please try and arrive early for the test. You will be asked to show the picture ID that was used when you signed up for testing.

Get Certified.
Sign up for a Company account to get started..

Need a new Badge?
Replace a lost badge, or get a new badge if you change employers. Contact ACT for details.

Get Certified. Sign Up your Employees for Testing
  • Login to your Company account. If you still need an account Signup Here.

  • Add your employees to the Employee list with the folling information:
    • The full name of the employee seeking certification.
    • The employee's Driver's License or State ID number.
  • Once your employees are added, click the 'Add RWHR certification' for each employee and select a testing date for the employee.
  • You may request certification for multiple employees in one transaction by filling out the form multiple times.
  • The employee's certification request will be added to the invoice list at the below the request form.
  • When you are done, Check Out to pay testing fees via Mastercard or Visa.
  • Once your employee has taken and passed the test, his certification will be activated and you may begin purchasing permits for this employee.