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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting
Pima County, The City of Tucson, The Town of Sahuarita, and The City of South Tucson have endorsed an easy, affordable process for securing permits to replace existing residential water heaters and residential HVAC (heating and cooling) equipment.

Due to life safety issues created by improperly installed equipment, a permit is required to install or replace any water heater or HVAC equipment. This program makes it easy and inexpensive for a competent plumber or technician to obtain a permit for replacing failing equipment.
Homeowner Information
Improperly installed Water Heaters or HVAC equipment can cause serious injuries. Hot water can permanently scar or kill in seconds. An explosion could destroy your property. This is why all replacement water heaters MUST have a permit.

Contractor Information
Certifying and Permitting is win, win, win for all. Simple, low cost permitting online is endorsed by local municipalities and saves you money and headaches. Read about our program and Get Certified right away.


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