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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting
Why use a Certified Contractor?
Improperly installed heating and cooling systems or water heaters can be dangerous.

When not installed correctly there is an increased risk of electricution, fire, and even explosion. Additionally, equipment frequently doesn't work up to its full potential or will fail more quickly if installed improperly.

For these safety and reliability reasons a permit is required to ensure oversight of contractor work. Our special pre-certification program makes it easy for plumbers, electricians and mechanical contractors to get inexpensive permits and ensure that their technicians are properly trained to install your equipment correctly.

Learn more about specific dangers and benefits:

Water Heater Replacement

Improperly installed Water Heaters and HVAC equipment can cause serious injuries. Hot water can permanently scar or kill in seconds. An explosion could destroy your property.

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HVAC Replacement

Heating and Cooling Systems can cause serious problems if not installed correctly. These can include electricution, fire, explosion, carbon monoxide buildup and mold problems.

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