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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting

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  9. Overview for the Residential Water Heater Replacement Certification Program

    The following is an overview of the Residential Water Heater Replacement Certification Program. This is a summary and is not intended as legal advice. The actual rules and requirements may differ and may be changed. This summary is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on in lieu of a review of the applicable rules, ordinances and statutes.

    • The purpose of the Single Family Residential Water Heater Replacement Certification is to allow for a low cost permit fee for the " like for like" replacement of a residential water heater while providing a code compliant installation.
    • Any plumber that is either employed by a licensed contractor, or is a licensed contractor, and also holds current business licenses in the City of Tucson, South Tucson, Marana and Sahuarita can take the Single Family Residential Water Heater Replacement Certification test. Upon successful completion of the test they will be provided a certification that will allow them to self certify a "like for like" water heater replacement that they themselves performed. No inspection will be required to be scheduled with the local building officials however the local building officials at their discretion may randomly spot check any installation. A failed spot inspection by the local building official will then require application and payment of a standard water heater replacement permit by the contractor of record along with a scheduled re-inspection by the building official. Three failed inspections by one contractor will result in that contractor's certification being revoked for six months and will require passing the certification test again to re-instate certification.
    • NOTE: "Like for like" is defined as replacement of water heaters of the same size and same fuel/energy type as previously installed.
    • Permit applications must include the residential address where work is to be performed, the tenant's phone number, the contractor's ROC number and business license for the City/Jurisdiction in which the replacement will occur (except Pima County which does not have business licenses). The application must also include the installing plumber's certification ID number. If the installing certified plumber is not also the licensed contractor then the ROC number on the application must be for the licensed contractor for which the installing plumber is employed at the time of water heater replacement. If it is determined that the installing plumber was not employed by the licensed contractor as identified on the permit application it will result in the immediate revocation of the plumbers certification for six months and will require passing the certification test again to re-instate certification. If a certified plumber changes employment they must revise their certification information and ID badge for a fee of $20.00. Approved photo ID must be presented for any revisions to an ID badge.
    • Licensed contractors that participate in this program will have the ability to notify the program administrator that a certified plumber has left their employment so no new permits can be purchased utilizing that plumber's certification number until such time that it ha s been updated.
    • Local Building Officials that participate in this program will be notified via email once a week or more frequently if desired of a ll new permit applications that were obtained so that they may schedule a follow up inspection if they so choose.
    • Test is open book and must be completed in 1-1/2 hours. Approved photo ID must be presented at time of test. Source of answers on test are from the 2012 IRC. Cost of certification is $80 and requires passing a 50 question exam. All questions will come from a data base of questions which the testing software will randomly choose 25% True/False and 75% Multiple Choice questions assuring no two tests will be the same. Certification must be renewed every three years and utilize the currently adopted IRC as reference. Applicant may take the test as many times as necessary to receive a passing grade however each attempt will cost $80. Certification requires 80% to pass test.

Please note that the above rules are subject to change and may be adjusted. Contact the authority having jurisdiction for the current applicable rules and regulations.