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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting
Benefits for Everyone

For Specialty Contractors:

  • Simple and easy permitting online.
  • Lower permitting cost:
    • Just $22.50 for Water Heaters.
    • Just $50.00 for Heating and Cooling units.
  • No need for local building authority inspections.
  • Endorsed by area municipalities and Pima County.

For Home and Business Owners:

  • Professional installations done by professionals.
  • No need to wait for local building authority inspections.
  • See the benefits of using licensed contractors.
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For Building Departments:

  • Knowing that certified installers are doing the job.
  • All work being done with all required permits.
  • Reduce overhead for their departments.
Certified in 3 Easy Steps
Start taking advantage of this program and the reduced time and cost of obtaining permits:
  1. Create a company account.
  2. Sign up your employees to be tested.
  3. Start buying permits from this site.
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