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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting

Get Certified in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for a Company Account.
    • You need an account whether you have one employee or 100.

    • You need your ROC numbers to complete company signup form.
      • You will need your K37 or C37 ROC number to purchase waterheater replacement permits.
      • You will need your K39 or C39 ROC number to purchase HVAC replacement permits.
      • You will need both ROC numbers if you intend to purchase both types of permits.

    • You will need to supply your State Tax ID as well as a City Tax License number for each participating municipality that you want to pull permits in.

    • Participating municipalities are Pima County, Tucson, South Tucson, and Sahuarita

    • Oro Valley and Marana are not participating in this program.

    • If you intend to purchase HVAC replacment permits, you will need to fax or e-mail a scanned copy of your ACCA accreditation certficiate to ACT.
    • If you have questions or any trouble signing up, please contact ACT (Alliance of Construction Trades) at 520-624-3002 and they will be happy to assit you.

  2. Complete Certification

    • HVAC (Heating and Cooling Replacement) Certification requires third party ACCA certification for your company and NATE certification for your employees.
      To read more about these requirements Click Here.

    • RWHR (Residential Waterheater Replacement) Certification requires your employees to be tested and certified through and independent process.

    • You will need either a driver's license number or state id number for each employee.

    • RWHR (Residential Water Heater Replacement) Certification costs $80 per employee for a 3 Year certification. To read more about the testing and certification process Click Here.

    • Fee covers testing, certification and an identification badge for your employee.

    • Learn more about testing.

    • Login to your company account to sign your employees up for testing.

  3. Buy permits

    • Purchase and track permits from your secure company account.

    • Once your employees are certified, you will be able to purchase permits

Please Note:

Once Contractor has provided all certification needed to use the EzPermitting program they understand and take full responsibility that they will adhere to all regulations and coding procedures within the properties jurisdiction.

If a compliant is issued to the permit jurisdiction, ACT will review said compliant and possibly send a Review Expert to do an analysis to report back to the jurisdiction.

If contractor is found non-compliant their rights to use the EzPermitting program could possibly be terminated. Each case will be individually reviewed by ACT and the properties Jurisdiction for further action.

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    Permit Types
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  • You may be asked for additional information needed to certify your company for certain permit types.
  • You must choose at least one type of permit.
  • Residential Water Heater Replacement Permits HVAC Replacement Permits
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