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Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting

Get Certified in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for a Company Account.
    • You need an account whether you have one employee or 100.

    • You need your ROC numbers to complete company signup form.
      • You will need your K37 or C37 ROC number to purchase waterheater replacement permits.
      • You will need your K39 or C39 ROC number to purchase HVAC replacement permits.
      • You will need both ROC numbers if you intend to purchase both types of permits.

    • You will need to supply your State Tax ID as well as a City Tax License number for each participating municipality that you want to pull permits in.

    • Participating municipalities are Marana, Pima County, Tucson, South Tucson, and Sahuarita

    • Oro Valley is not participating in this program.

    • If you intend to purchase HVAC replacment permits, you will need to fax or e-mail a scanned copy of your ACCA accreditation certficiate to ACT.
    • If you have questions or any trouble signing up, please contact ACT (Alliance of Construction Trades) at 520-624-3002 and they will be happy to assit you.

  2. Complete Certification

    • HVAC (Heating and Cooling Replacement) Certification requires third party ACCA certification for your company and NATE certification for your employees.
      To read more about these requirements Click Here.

    • RWHR (Residential Waterheater Replacement) Certification requires your employees to be tested and certified through and independent process.

    • You will need either a driver's license number or state id number for each employee.

    • RWHR (Residential Water Heater Replacement) Certification costs $80 per employee for a 3 Year certification. To read more about the testing and certification process Click Here.

    • Fee covers testing, certification and an identification badge for your employee.

    • Learn more about testing.

    • Login to your company account to sign your employees up for testing.

  3. Buy permits

    • Purchase and track permits from your secure company account.

    • Once your employees are certified, you will be able to purchase permits
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    Permit Types
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  • You may be asked for additional information needed to certify your company for certain permit types.
  • You must choose at least one type of permit.
  • Residential Water Heater Replacement Permits HVAC Replacement Permits
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